Muleba is an growing regional center, located in northwest Tanzania on the shores of Lake Victoria.
With about 20 000 inhabitants, we Western Europeans would still hardly recognize it as a city. There are schools, electricity, water and a paved provincial road that leads north to the district capital Bukoba, 70 km away, and south to the 1200 km-distant Dar es Salaam.

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Tanzania, the former German colony "East Africa", was granted independence by Great Britain in 1961. We know Tanzania because of its famous national parks: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro and many others. Perhaps we have also heard of the rich mineral resources of the country. Here Tanzanians work for meagre wages while the yields of the major mines are siphoned off by foreign mining companies. Little remains in the country.
The Northwest District includes the remote corner of the country between Lake Victoria, Uganda in the north and Rwanda to the west.

There is no industry. About half of the people in the villages live without electricity and money from the proceeds of their small farm, in which they like bananas, beans , peanuts , corn , pineapple Harvest fruit, keep a few animals to produce milk, eggs, some meat . That's enough to live. Each crop failure due to drought means hunger. About 10 % of the population - not just the children - are orphans because their parents and grandparents prematurely from diseases such as Malaria and AIDS have died. A health insurance can not afford the majority of people . The medical care is bad, not accessible to many people of the villages and - if they have found then executed - not affordable .

Schools are now available for all children in the country - often of pathetic quality. For example, has the Rulanda school near Muleba all six teachers for 750 students ! Even for gifted children the change to a "Secondary School " is often not possible because many poor parents not about 30 , - € muster , which are for once in the life of the child needed. Again and again the people have to rely here because of hunger , disease, or for education on outside help.

Many organizations are making these subsidiary assistance . However, this help will never be enough to at least cover the most urgent needs .





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And yet, again and again to impress us these friendly people through their life joy, serenity and contentment deep!

And yet, again and again to impress us these friendly people through their life joy, serenity and contentment deep!