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Through training focussed  on local needs, we create earning capacity, thus freeing our graduates from dependence on foreign aid .

We will regularly monitor the extent to which our graduates have found a livelihood-securing employment after training.

We provide  (as measured by local standards), an excellent quality of  training. This is a question of both the competence of our trainers and the technical equipment of the center .

In particular, we are committed to the concept of dual training. Because in a country  of the Anglo-Saxon tradition, the training can not be transferred to the employers, we provide the work in the education center itself . Thus, the MLVTC is both an educational and a service center . In the center, work for clients and customers from the local environment is carried out by the trainees under supervision.

Cost coverage during operation

Ongoing operating costs  are intended to be covered by the revenue of the Centre , by the sale of the services provided to local. So from tuition fees and revenues, which generates the center from the sale of services provided to local enterprises. We are convinced that the more the center is able to finance itself from the sale of own services, the better will be the quality of education and the more the training content will be directed to local needs. This ensures employability of graduates.

Our training courses offered lead to a nationally recognized vocational qualification.