We are the best ! In the state final examination, which was conducted by VETA, our first course of training achieved the best average score of all vocational training classes in the whole  Mwanza Zone !  more ...

Prof.Anna Tibaijuka, Minister of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development in the government of Tanzania visited the MLVTC.   more ...

Entrepreneurs from the region follow the idea of MLVTC with great interest, with its open service offer.   more ...

Training for our own existence : the Association "training Tanzania" trains young Africans for the labor market further  …  more ...

Stories from Muleba (or : this is Africa, this is how we live)
Short stories of our volunteers provide a real-life insight into the everyday life of Muleba / Tanzania  …  more ...

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We are the best:
Central final examinations of the State Inspectorate for vocational training (Vocational and educational training Authity, VETA) are set at the end of November every year.
All of our 24 trainees (one trainee, a young woman, sadly died this summer) have passed the test and indeed with the best grades average of all final year trainees in all professions throughout the Mwanza Zone (Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania on the south shore of Lake Victoria. Mwanza. The zone represents about one quarter of Tanzania.

MLVTC-Graduates are the best in the Mwanza region


Minister Prof. Anna Tibaijuka visited the MLVTC

Minister Prof. Anna Tibaijuka visited the MLVTC

Prof.Anna Tibaijuka, Minister of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development
in the government of Tanzania visited the MLVTC on November 19, 2013 to get an impression of this institution with her own eyes.
During our visit in Dar es Salaam a week later we had the opportunity to speak with her personally.
Prof. Tibaijuka is impressed by what has been created in the private initiative in Muleba and has promised us her support in all questions concerning the development of MLVTC.

This was immediately felt when we talked a few days later with the District Commissioner of Muleba district. We met at an open-minded and dedicated officer who will assist us in smaller as well as in larger issues.


MLVTC presentation to entrepreneurs from the region

from the region:
On Friday, November 29, the personal secretary to the Minister had invited a large group of representatives of local business and administration on November 19, 2013 to his own residence to present to them the MLVTC and its services. Evidence Yohana, Principal of MLVTC and Phenias Lwakatre presented the MLVTC and its range of services. Klaus Lurse  briefly described the importance and the organization of the dual training system in Germany.
As a result,
several entrepreneurs want first of all to be trained themselves for working with PC in MLVTC !
While with us, there is a PC on every desk, working with personal computers elsewhere in this region is only in its infancy. By training the necessary skilled labor, the MLVTC also makes a contribution to the overall economic development in the region.