Vocational Training Tanzania e.V

Vocational Training Tanzania e.V
The organization which was founded in September 2012 aims to promote vocational training in Tanzania:

  •    by mobilizing support in Germany
  •    by promoting active participation in Tanzania
  •    by sharing responsibility for effective and meaningful use of available resources

to achieve a high quality training oriented to local needs.

We make suggestions, check things out,  support and work together with our partners in Tanzania!

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How can you help?

How can you help?

  • Work as assistant trainer

suitable candidates may work as " assistant trainer " for a few weeks or even months in MLVTC . This opportunity is open to all, whether young or old. In the new dorm we have created two apartments for European helpers. Meals are available in the MLVTC and in town. Depending on length of stay and job we may help with travel expenses, etc.

  • Join "Vocational Training Tanzania e.V. "
    Join "Vocational Training Tanzania e.V.". The wider our membership base, the stronger the network of supporters for Tanzania. Membership is € 240 per annum.
  • Pay for a trainee scholarship

            € 850 (or part of)

  • Donate good used laptops

And of course we always need money for the further expansion of the educational center

We are a non-profit organisation. Supporters receive a tax receipt.


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