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Photovoltaic system
A  few weeks ago the news reached us that in the next 40 weeks no electricity will be supplied from Friday to Sunday. A disaster for lessons on Friday and Saturday using PCs - impossible. Now we have found donors, with their help we were able to ship a complete photovoltaic system to Muleba. We save operating costs, are secured against ongoing power outages and can work on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to work with the PCs.Thank you!

Kitchen and canteen
The photo shows how food is cooked now on three stones on the open fire pit food for about 50 people daily. The dining room of first residence hall is too small for the increase to 50 trainees since May 2013. In addition, the dining room is to be used as a work space for service activities for clients. For us, the construction of a new kitchen and dining house became of the urgency. Cost: about €55000. We hope for government grants, but must in any case muster about €15,000 - €20,000 from the association about 15,000. We want to create!

Water tanks
The plans of our Tanzanian partners show that we can gather enough water from our roofs with 3 -4 cisterns to be  largely independent of the public drinking water supply. This will again help save considerable operating costs. Cost about €15,000. We see an opportunity here to find a donor for this.

We have developed our plans for 2014 in detail with our Tanzanian partners as part of our on-site visit.
Behind the expanded school building, our trainees have begun laying out a garden. It's production should significantly upgrade the menu!