MLVTC offers Veta registered vocational training and a couple of short courses

2 years VETA registered trainings offered

laptop, apple, macbook

Information- and Communication Technology (ICT)

This training enables our graduates to install, repair and work with personal computers (Microsoft word - excel, powerpoint, access etc.)
It ends with a final VETA examination which leads in case of success to VTCII certificates.

laptop, apple, macbook

Electrical Installations

This training qualifies our graduates to install all the electrical devices needed in buildings

Schoolfees: Boarding students: 1.250.000 per year = total 2.500.000 Tsh 

                          Day students:              650.000 per year =  total 1.300.000 Tsh

Short Courses offered at MLVTC

here we should introduce a table of short courses: with headings:  Title; Content; Duration; Fee Wie füge ich eine Tabelle ein? Kann ich die in Excel anlegen und dann hier einfügen?