MLVTC offers Veta-registered vocational training and a number of short courses

2 year VETA-registered vocational training

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

This training enables our graduates to install, repair and work with personal computers (Microsoft word - excel, powerpoint, access etc.)
Successful completion of the final VETA examination leads to VTC II certificates.

Electrical Installations

This training course qualifies our graduates to install all electrical fittings needed in buildings

School fees:
Boarding students: 1.260.000 per year = total 2.520.000 Tsh
Day students:              650.000 per year =  total 1.300.000 Tsh

Short Courses offered at MLVTC


SubjectDurationContentFee (only tuition)Fee (boarding)
Introduction to Computers
2 weeks basics  of personal computers  and introduction for beginners30.00075.000
Microsoft Word2 weeks

 writing letters (incl. serial letters) and all other kinds of text on a PC


Microsoft Excel

2 weeks design of tables and spreatsheets for business and science30.00075.000


2 weeksworking with a data base30.00075.000

MS Power Point

1 weekdesigning effctive presentations 20.00050.000

MS Publisher

2 weeksdesigning websites, print publications and product presentations30.00075.000

Graphics design

2 weeksfundamental skills needed to create visual content for communicating messages (page layout, typography and pictures)30.00075.000

Internet & email

2 weekseffective work with email and internet30.00075.000

Windows Installation

2 weekshow to install Windows on a PC30.00075.000

Program Installation

2 weekshow to install a programm on a PC30.00075.000


4 weekswritten and oral communication in English60.000150.000