Muleba Lutheran Vocational Training Centre

Join in and get your professional career started.

Praxis-Oriented Training

MLVTC is VETA registered (Reg.Nr: VET/KGR/FR/2020/C 72) .
The long-term training courses lead to VETA level II certificates.

Cutting-Edge Courses

1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
2. Electrical Installation (EI)

Advanced Equipment

- Computer laboratory with PC for each student
- electrical workshop
- well-equipped dormitories

MLVTC - a Centre of Excellence in Vocational Training

Benetson Kamugisha, Principal of MLVTC

MLVTC offers Training in ICT and Electrical Installation. Both Fields in today’s digital age have become essential for success in many areas of life. In this modern world, Humans depend on them to facilitate all operations and activities. These skills improve the standard of living and create opportunities for everyone. They have made our lives easier, more effective and more productive. If you want to acquire computer or Electrical installation skills, MLVTC is the right place for you.

Competent teachers

Our competent and highly motivated teachers invest all their energy to support our students on their path of learning. We fight for the success of eager students!

Eager students

"No sweet without sweat"
Dilligence and discipline form the basis for succes in final exams and later employment. That is our students´ contribution to their own success.

"State-of-the-art" equipment

From the beginning MLVTC got strong support from its German Partners. That enabled MLVTC to set up nice buildings for classrooms, dormitories, kitchen and dining hall. With support from Germany we were able to furnish and equip the computer laboratory and the electrical workshop with up-to-date tools and equipment.

MLVTC in numbers



Courses offered
Buildings on our campus

Be in demand with our professional training

There is no better way to employment with reasonable income than a long-term vocational training at MLVTC

Klaus Lurse and Bernhard Troja, Founders of MLVTC

We, the founders of MLVTC and our friends in Germany, try our best to raise the funds and means needed to ensure a suitable, up to date equipment and environment for vocational training in MLVTC

Strong partners (big companies, training institutions and the German goverment hand on used computers and instruments which are later used in training at  MLVTC.

Young volunteers and senior experts from Germany support our local teachers to improve our training courses, to give our students some opportunity to speak English and to become familiar with the work culture of other countries

What our students say

I studied Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at MLVTC in the years 2017 and 2018 and graduated with
VETA-Level II.
The ICT skills which I acquired at MLVTC enabled me to be employed as data clerk at the Dimaye NGO. Because my salary is good I can afford to spend my life without problems. Since my employer keeps some money for me as my old-age benefit in NSSF. Therefore everything is okay.
The time at MLVTC was good especially since we were fully studying.
I enjoyed the good cooperation between teachers and trainees. We felt free to ask for help in learning and the teachers were humble to us. It was also good for my learning , that each student got his own computer from MLVTC. It means, we were free in our learning.
I studied Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at MLVTC in the years 2018 and 2019 and graduated with
VETA-Level II. My experience is that MLVTC is a very good centre for young people to come here and learn different skills. I can only recommend this to others to attain skills from there. It gives plenty of opportunities.
The life at the campus of MLVTC was interesting and conducive. I liked the activities, which kept us busy in our garden or in class sessions..
Now I launched my own center for teaching Computer Application and other activities related to computer skills. Here I help my fellows and neighbors to design labels of different goods for small industries and different posts. I couldn´t do this if I wouldn´t have such a knowledge. This gives me the income, which I need for my normal life.
I joined the longterm ICT-course at MLVTC in 2017 and 2018 and graduated with VETA - level II.
The education at MLVTC supported, that I got my present job as office secretary. My salary is not enough, but I live according with what I earn. But I expect an increment to my salary.
The life at MLVTC was good to me, because I was president of the centre at that time. In general it was very convincing.
Teachers were teaching very hard, we also hat good places to sleep and good food.
I can only recommend other people to join a training at MLVTC because someone can get:
- good knwledge and skills
good life
a good learning process