MLVTC is more than education!

MLVTC delivers reliable services

 MLVTC has the ambition to be a center of excellence in forming the skills and competence needed for professional work and employment. This not only requires good training in the subject theory (in the classroom) but also field experience in solving real tasks. 

For this reason MLVTC offers its services to others in the community. We provide a high quality of work, carried out for clients under the supervision of our excellent teachers and at reasonable prices.

MLVTC is a charitable organization! We pledge that all our income from school fees and services will be used  for the improvement of the training center!

IT- Services

You have a problem with your computer? Come in and ask for support. 

We will do our best to solve your problem!


Electrical Installation Services

You need some modification in the installation of electrical equipment in your home, office or workshop?  Contact us, 

We’ll come in and solve your problem!

Our Trainees are sent  to the field work to get more practical Training in terms of ICT and Electricity in different Location around Tanzania

Electrical installation students in the field works.

IT-Services offered

Software installation

You need new/ additional software on your new or used PC? We install it and give advice in selecting the right software

PC consulting

You need a PC but don´t know which specifications suit your demands?
We help you to find the PC you really need!


You have a problem when working with your PC?
Come along - we will help!

Design service
You want to write a letter or design a brochure?
Contact us, we will arrange a date and help to design a nice letter or brochure!

Reporting, accounting, statistics

You want to organize your accounting, reporting, etc. with some excel-spreadsheets? We will line this up with your requirements!

Our electrical services

Electrical installations in homes

You need some installations in your home in Muleba area?
We will come along and do the work for a resonable price!

Connecting machines with the power-net

You want to connect a machine with the electrical power network?
Ask us - we will make sure that it is safely connected!