Our Campus

Effective learning needs appropriate facilities

The MLVTC Campus offers an excellent environment for learning and living

Since 2011 the founders of MLVTC managed, with the full support of our German Partners, to establish step by step the brand new facilities necessary to cover all needs for training and accommodation on the campus.

  • a classroom for subjects like mathematics, enterpreneurship, life skills etc.
  •  a computer-laboratory, where each student has “his/her” laptop available during the lessons and for individual exercises in leisure-time
  • separate sleeping quarters for girls and for boys, all with good sanitary facilities
  • a large dining hall not only provides space for meal-times, but also for leisure activities (TV, choir-singing, etc)
  •  some appartments provide accommodation for teachers on the campus
  • a separate appartment is available for volunteers from Germany
Our environment is conducive for better and quality education.

Kitchen and dining hall

our sleeping quarters offer rooms with up to 4 beds each, allowing for the accommodation of  80 students


with some gardening activities students grow vegetables which are used to improve the food offered

Computer laboratory: 

Each student has “his/her” PC available for the entire period of training

Space for sporting activities